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How Do I Increase My Shower Pressure?

There are a number of ways you can increase your shower water pressure, without the expense of upgrading your mains service or installing larger water tanks.


One cost-effective option is to fit a pump to your existing system or adding a shower pump to your shower. For the best results, the pump should be fitted as close to the water source as is possible.


For example, a mains pump should be located close to the inlet, while a shower pump should be close to the hot water source. This allows the pumps to push water into the system effectively.


Salamander have a range of pumps suitable for combi boilers, gravity-fed and unvented systems. Find out more on our fixing the problem page.


If you live in area with hard water, you may have a build-up of limescale across your shower head. This can restrict or even block water flow, which will have a negative impact on your home’s water pressure. A limescale cleaner, white vinegar or lemon juice should be all you need to remove the residue and improve your shower water pressure.