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Why Doesn’t My Loft Shower Work Very Well?

There are a number of reasons why your loft shower doesn’t work very well. Water pressure is a key factor in the performance of your loft shower. When a shower is located in a loft, there is a usually a long distance for the mains water to travel in order to reach the shower outlet.


Likewise, if you have stored water, the shower is normally above the level of the cold water tank, so the water doesn’t have chance to fall to create flow using gravity.


Head pressure is often referred to when choosing a pump to improve the water pressure for a shower or whole house. As water does not naturally flow upwards, the head pressure is the distance water can be pushed vertically for a loft shower or tap from a gravity-fed system. 1 bar of pressure is equal to 10 metres of head pressure and will push the water 10 metres upwards.


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